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A Place for Kids to Belong


  • Please arrive 15 minutes early for any scheduled service.
  • Driver's License & Health Insurance card will be needed for the registration process.
  • Bring a change of clothes, pampers/pull-ups, wipes, and personal sippy cup.
  • Slip resistance socks must be purchased before play time!
  • Please pack accordingly and bring your own snacks and juices. A full meal is suggested for children staying over 4 hours. 
  • Serving children ages 1-5 only (proof of age may be required)
  • There is a 5 minute grace period for pick up time 
  • Full payment is required before services can be rendered.
  • Additional time can be added if slot is available
  • The center is shut down for quiet time from 5 to 6 p.m. If your child arrives during this time, he or she must participate in quiet time.
  • There are no refunds and a $25 charge will be added for no shows
  • Reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance!


Additional Information

Is this a daycare? No. We are an indoor play center with child drop-off services. It's a youth lounge where kids in the same age group interact and socialize in an structured and open play environment. 

Can I drop my kid off for 30 mins or an hours? Yes. We recommend a two hour minimum so they can enjoy the atmosphere and become familiar with their environment. 

Can parents  stay while their children play? Yes. you must stay seated in our registration area or front porch. We emphasize on independence which makes it easier for their next drop off visit. 

Does Sit & Sat offer food? No. We ask that you bring your child's snacks and meal. We do offer chips, cookies, and water as a courtesy. 

I want to have a birthday party for my kids, how do I get started? Please come by or call us for a tour and various options, prices start at $175. We have discounts and promotions available to help offsite the costs. 

Are the staff certified and qualified to watch and care for my children? Most of staff are certified teachers either retired or active. Staff members are required to pass a background check and must have eligible experience and a letter of recommendation in order to interact with the kids.